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Court-based research: collaborating with the justice system to enhance STI services for vulnerable women in the US http://t.co/3vEaFQVO
The fractal queerness of non-heteronormative migrant #sexworkers in the UK by Nick Mae http://t.co/X7oGFeDI
‘only 31% of the sample of indirect sex workers reported having been engaged in commercial sex in the last 12 months’
Old but good. Violence and Exposure to HIV among #sexworkers in Phnom Penh http://t.co/rkrRGiBa
Someone is Wrong on the Internet: #sex workers’ access to accurate information http://t.co/aMSXhygd

les éditions du remue-ménage


Article in HIV AIDS Policy Law Rev. 2011 Oct;15(3):1, 5-14. Passed to protect women, the 2008 law on human trafficking and sexual exploitation has been used by authorities to justify the harassment and abuse of sex workers. But, Cambodian sex workers say it’s now time to demand their rights.Hundreds are gathered in the capital of Phnom Penh.They are clapping loudly as the host welcomes the first day of 16 days of activism against gender violence.They are wearing white shirts with the slogan: “United we can end violence against women and bring the peace.” A new anthology by Les éditions du

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human rights

An article in Crime, Law and Social Change Volume 56, Number 5, 463-484. This article in the Daily News Analysis on Bangalore explains how sex workers do not get pensions, have no identity or ration  cards and have to struggle for housing. Access to health services is also a problem “The first line of treatment is available but the second line is not so. Only a few are able to access this,” said Geetha, secretary of Karnataka Sex Workers’ Union, working in rural Bangalore. This study, in the Journal of AIDS and HIV Research Vol. 3(9), pp. 172-179, documents the reasons and processes for involvement of women into

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Editorial Sex Work and Feminism By Kate Holden Public Ledger: A prostitute, because like that paper, she is open to all parties. (eighteenth-century slang) In April 2010 the Mercury newspaper in Hobart contained a small but historic notice. In a… Editorial  How do we quit sex work? By Thierry Schaffauser  Some people want a world without prostitution and campaign for the criminalisation of our clients. I always argue that the criminalisation of our clients is not going to make… Editorial As the UN Advisory Group on Sex Work and HIV turns its attention toward young people and sex work Cheryl Overs

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Launch of Luttes XXX: inspirations du mouvement des travailleuses du sexe

A new anthology by Les éditions du Remue-ménage (http://www.editions-rm.ca/) on the sex workers rights movment will be launched in Montreal on November 10th 2011. Co-editied by Maria Nengeh Mensah, Claire Thiboutot and Louise Toupin, this book reproduces and presents the various forms of resistance that have inspired sex workers around the world to mobilize and demand social recognition. Luttes XXX includes 85 texts, a large number of which are available for the first time in French, and more than fifty illustrations. These are grouped into eight sites of resistance: “organizing”, “working”, “feminisms”, “telling our story”, “decriminalization”, “fighting against HIVAIDS”, “migration

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