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Court-based research: collaborating with the justice system to enhance STI services for vulnerable women in the US http://t.co/3vEaFQVO
The fractal queerness of non-heteronormative migrant #sexworkers in the UK by Nick Mae http://t.co/X7oGFeDI
‘only 31% of the sample of indirect sex workers reported having been engaged in commercial sex in the last 12 months’
Old but good. Violence and Exposure to HIV among #sexworkers in Phnom Penh http://t.co/rkrRGiBa
Someone is Wrong on the Internet: #sex workers’ access to accurate information http://t.co/aMSXhygd

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A Conference for All? Travel Ban Threatens IAC 2012

Who’s really welcome at IAC 2012? With the 2010 International AIDS Conference barely a month behind us, controversy is already brewing over who will — and won’t — be able to attend the conference when it hits Washington, D.C. in 2012. At the closing of this year’s conference, President Obama delivered an enthusiastic video message, welcoming “all” delegates to the capital in 2012. In reality, however, strict U.S. travel regulations ban two groups heavily impacted by HIV — sex workers and drugs users. The restrictions, if left unchanged, threaten the conference’s efficacy as a forum for all, further disenfranchising two

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Violence and Exposure to HIV among sex workers in Phnom Penh

This study, conducted among a sample of 1,000 female and transgender sex workers in Phnom Penh identifies that half of those surveyed reported being beaten by police; about a third were gang-raped by police; slightly more than one-third were gang-raped by gangsters and about three-quarters were gang-raped by clients or men pretending to be clients. Most of these rapes occurred at gunpoint or with knives or other weapons. In brothels, managers often colluded with police and favored clients to force the women into unprotected sex. In parks, police often encouraged gangsters to rape the sex workers. Both sex workers and the policemen

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Taking the Pledge

A short film by the International Network of Sex Work Projects. Taking the Pledge features sex workers from Bangladesh, Brazil, Cambodia, Mali, Thailand and more. They describe the problems created by the ‘anti-prostitution pledge’ required to receive USAID and PEPFAR funds. In English, Khmer, Thai, French, Portuguese and Bengali, with English subtitles. Watch in full-screen mode to read the subtitles. Theme:  Human Rights and Law Author:  Network of Sex Work Projects

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