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Court-based research: collaborating with the justice system to enhance STI services for vulnerable women in the US http://t.co/3vEaFQVO
The fractal queerness of non-heteronormative migrant #sexworkers in the UK by Nick Mae http://t.co/X7oGFeDI
‘only 31% of the sample of indirect sex workers reported having been engaged in commercial sex in the last 12 months’
Old but good. Violence and Exposure to HIV among #sexworkers in Phnom Penh http://t.co/rkrRGiBa
Someone is Wrong on the Internet: #sex workers’ access to accurate information 

PLRI links to Global News About Sex Work

 This is a selection of some of the links to information about sex work published in the last months of 2010 by PLRI. To keep up with news about sex work, human rights and law around the world follow PLRI on Twitter. twitter.com/PLRI  

Argentina Documentary about murder of Argentinian sexworker rights activist Sandra Cabrera http://bit.ly/d1VAC4

Macedonia Rights Not Violence for Sex Workers in Macedonia http://bit.ly/eWxzLv   

Asia Pacific Witness blog about APNSW film advocacy for sex workers rights and challenging violence http://bit.ly/bdNsNo 

Cambodia: sexworkers   http://blip.tv/file/1176895/  See also Human Rights Watch Report ‘off the Streets’ speak about violence trafficking and HIV.

Uganda sex workers protest #HIV law http://plri.wordpress.com/2010/12/15/ugandan-sex-workers-petition-parliament-over-hiv-bill/  

Global The NSWP: sexworkers rights in action http://bit.ly/aQTEKu  

UK Sex workers protest in London http://tinyurl.com/27n4s9z 

Botswana. Sex workers’ list of 10 recommendations to protect sex worker rights http://bit.ly/fBkntu  

Zimbabwe Sex workers and gays banned from Sixteen Days of Activism by Police http://allafrica.com/c/-3xkBC    

Nigeria: Women threaten to attack sexworkers http://allafrica.com/c/-3yN76

Criminalize hate, not HIV and read the Behind bars stories http:/bit.ly/criminalization

Macedonia sexworkershttp://t.co/0rQ0sLd  

Behind Bars: When the System Falls Apart Public health prosecutions of sex workers

Australia: Man who failed to pay sexworker charged http://bit.ly/c62GCZ 

USA . sexworkers convicted of prostitution in Colorado must submit to an HIV test. Results go to person tested and to district attorney     

India  Mob set Naroda guesthouse on fire – India http://t.co/PTRWkq5 

Why Decriminalizing Sex Work is Good for All Women: Ms Magazine Blog http://bit.ly/9jhFzQ 

Global /Canada Cheryl Overs & Valerie Scott discuss sex work and law www.aidslex.org

New Zealand: New book on decriminalisation of sexworkhttp://tinyurl.com/33uzlw8 

Health benefits of legal services for criminalized populations including MSM, drug users #sex workers http://tinyurl.com/253agxf  

 Madagascar ‘volunteers’ are checking the ID cards of #sex workers to prevent trafficking http://j.mp/dDZCqz

South Africa: Sweat calls on Government to decriminalise sex work   http://t.co/pMbJuPk  

Namibia sex workers’ demand decriminalisation of trade http://bit.ly/eaMYfx #sexwork #Namibia  

Swaziland: It is not illegal to rape a sexworker http://www.times.co.sz/News/23411.html  

Colombia: Court says that sexworkhttp://bit.ly/9B03dX is legal and labour rights apply

India: Sex workers fight back against misrepresentation http://bit.ly/aqHhQ4

Decriminalisation of sex work is the starting point: what next for Canada? by Cheryl Overs wp.me/pnH01-di

Nigeria/Mali Thousands of Nigerian women ‘found in Mali slave camps’ http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-11438341 

USA /Global The Obama admin questions the trafficking stats and human rights abuses generated by Bush admin http://www.state.gov/g/tip/rls/tiprpt/2010/ 

Uganda: discussion of legalisation of sexwork http://www.newvision.co.ug/D/8/20/734245 

Canada decriminalisation and the right to be protected from violence http://www.plri.org/story/sex-work-decriminalised-canada 

 Canada Prostitution Laws: What does this mean for Thailand? http://bit.ly/cSJWR8  sexwork 

700 Guatemalans infected in unethical STI study. What were the  sexworkers ‘used to infect’ the 700 humans? Martians !? http://bbc.in/9ssBB5 

Video link.  How to treat a sex worker.  A must see for clients of all forms of sexwork http://fb.me/KA42Cq4s 

Indonesia  Police arrested dozens of sexworkers four underage, in raids conducted last weekend as part of Operation Supreme Concentration

Sexworkers welcome news of legalisation of sexwork in Taiwanhttp://tinyurl.com/2vua2yh 

Ghana: The debate about legalizing prostitution http://bit.ly/ct6wHr   

@UNAIDS Some countries arrest sex workers for carrying condoms. Punitive laws are barriers to HIV Prevention 

Indonesia:  Red lights districts better 4 #sexworkers http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2010/11/16/red-light-districts-‘ease-our-work’.html  

Namibia: Another country considers legalising sexwork  http://bit.ly/c7rqcF 

Cambodia: NGO accused of illegally detaining minor http://t.co/rZfhUMk 

Swaziland: An assessment of sexwork in Swaziland: barriers to and opportunities for HIV prevention http://tinyurl.com/2v2wwcu 

Asia: sexworkers bosses will get blame for prostitution http://t.co/hI6PFgq 

Stop putting sex workers at risk for HIV/AIDS through discriminatory global health policies http://bit.ly/dcW4pW 

Should there be prison time for unknowingly transmitting HIV? Dollars and Sex http://bit.ly/cF7zcF

Outstanding new video ‘Transgendered Women & SexWork’: http://bit.ly/dzoS2m 

Asia Pacific  Decriminalise prostitution to curb HIV/AIDS epidemic: Asia-Pacific UNAIDS director http://econ.st/aOeefZ  

Rwanda The regional coordinator for UNAIDS speaks out against criminalisation of sexwork http://bit.ly/c5b7Fh

Rwanda: Parliament May Decriminalise Prostitution http://allafrica.com/c/-3wR3A    

USA Suicide rates in the transgender community see alarming spike http://bit.ly/acPoD6 

The anti-trafficking industry is the biggest threat to migrants, Nathalie Rothschild http://ind.pn/b5mWPL 

Cambodia http://www.transcontinental.com.au/news/world/world/general/un-funds-cambodias-prison-of-the-undesirables/1983520.aspx 

Nepal: HIV rising and sexworkers arrested for carrying condoms PreventionRevolution needed http://bit.ly/cjwSYX  

Myanmar: sexworker http://bit.ly/b5eFNm

Uganda: sexworker confronts politician at public rally http://blog.jaluo.com/?p=10401

Criminalisation of homosex identified as a problem in Lancet. Access to services is only consideration for sex workers  http://bit.ly/bwk2S1  

Cambodia: #sexworkers claims of abuse at detention centre confirmed. B K Moon refuses to discuss UN funding 4 centre http://gu.com/p/2kyme/tw 

 Indonesia: Sex workers raided for not having JakartaID card, not for sexwork www.beritajakarta.com/2008/en/newsview.aspx?idwil=0&id=17268

My International Transgender Day of Remembrance Podcast is now online http://bit.ly/du0OVG 

Inexperienced sex workers, unscrupulous agents: recipe for trafficking http://bit.ly/9ylMfm 

Jo Doezema on the White Slavery myth – always worth re-reading http://www.walnet.org/csis/papers/doezema-loose.html

China: Incarcerated sex workers and HIV prevention in China: Social suffering and social justice countermeasures http://bit.ly/9EPxLQ  

Sex work in the US: a global human rights issue http://fb.me/JOReShDt 

 Indonesia: Red light district close and #sexworkers relocate to ‘informal’ venues. Implications for safe sex? http://tinyurl.com/3ydgjxy 

Canada’s prostitution laws are rife with contradictions http://t.co/swZlTg5  

Korea: Hundreds of clients, sex workers and bar staff charged in bizarre crackdown on sexwork http://bit.ly/aOxhp9

Asia. An inappropriate tool: criminal law and HIV in Asia http://is.gd/gBGB2

Global. This is a pretty thorough summary of the struggles/impasse in recent sexwork scholarship/activism http://huff.to/cxfMF8

Mexico http://www.plri.org/resource/sex-work-and-city-social-geography-health-and-safety-tijuana-mexico

Balkans http://www.plri.org/resource/institutional-responses-sex-trafficking-armenia-bosnia-and-india

Hong Kong http://www.plri.org/resource/sexually-transmitted-infections-among-female-sex-workers-hong-kong-role-migration-status


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