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“Are States meeting their responsibilities to trafficked persons?” Ms Joy Ezeilo, United Nations Special Rapporteur on trafficking in persons, especially in women and children

Destination countries for human trafficking are obliged to protect and assist victims of trafficking.  This includes providing trafficked persons with protection of privacy and identity, measures for ‘physical, psychological and social recovery of victims’, and their physical safety.  They should also provide effective remedies for trafficked persons, such as compensation, and restitution.  Are destination States meeting these responsibilities in the 21st century?

Joy Ngozi Ezeilo is a human rights lawyer and professor at the University of Nigeria. She has also served in various governmental capacities, including as Honourable Commissioner for Ministry of Women Affairs & Social Development in Enugu State and as a Delegate to the National Political Reform Conference. She has consulted for various international organizations and is also involved in several NGOs, particularly working on women’s rights. She has published extensively on a variety of topics, including human rights, women’s rights, and Sharia law. Ms. Ezeilo was conferred with a national honour (Officer of the Order of Nigeria) in 2006 for her work as a human right defender. Ms. Ezeilo assumed her functions as Special Rapporteur on 1 August 2008.

Date:    Monday 28 November 2011 
Time:   1.00pm
Venue: State Library of Victoria Conference Centre and Theatrette, 328 Swanston Street, Melbourne (enter off La Trobe Street)
RSVP:   [email protected] or tel 9905 3327
Full details: http://www.law.monash.edu.au/castancentre/events/2011/annual-lecture-2011.html