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Poll reveals details of Bogota's prostitution business

A news story by Daniel Brody in the Columbia Reports. The story outlines the findings of an opinion survey of sex workers and their clients in Bogota which was taken by the Mayor’s Office. There is no link to the original source so we cannot comment on the accuracy of the reporting or the methods used.

Poll reveals details of Bogota’s prostitution business
Daniel Brody

A new opinion survey of sex workers and their clients in Bogota has been taken by the Mayor’s Office, providing a fascinating window into the lives of those who toil in and patronize the city’s brothels.

The poll reveals that 23 percent of brothel customers seek the same woman every time they go, and 21 percent admitted to being in love with a prostitute.

For their part, 50 percent of the prostitutes surveyed had fallen in love with a client and started a real romantic relationship with them.

In terms of safe sex, 93 percent of those surveyed claimed to use a condom when having intercourse, while 75 percent use one during the act of oral sex.

The poll noted that 90 percent of customers in brothels consume alcohol while they are there. 76 percent of the prostitutes said that their clients buy them drinks, and 41.4 percent of the sex workers say they take drugs.

When it comes to prices, 78.82 percent of the women said that they charge less than fifty thousand pesos for their services. 13.52 percent charge between fifty thousand and two million pesos, while less than one percent manage to charge more than two million pesos for their work.

Women who were still at university tended to make the most income, and pay diminishes with age, with those under 30 years old making the most money of any age group.

The poll also found that the barrio of Chapinero tended to have higher prices and wealthier clients, while the the barrio of Santa Fe tended to have lower prices and a more working-class clientele.

The occupation of the majority of those who purchase prostitutes are members of the armed forces, police, soldiers, and other members of the security sector. Coming in second place were those who work in land transport, such as the drivers of buses, taxis, and trucks.