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Guide To Purchasing Condoms in the USA

Best Condoms To Buy

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Properly selected and sized condoms don’t cause discomfort during use, protect against unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. The situation when the condom was some kind of stupid and clumsy product that significantly reduced the sensitivity of both men and women during intercourse has long remained in the past. Today, with the help of condoms, you can even add variety to your intimate life, since there are embossed condoms on sale with various protruding parts (for example, antennae or pimples), with cooling or warming lubricant, and so on.

It is impossible to unequivocally answer the question of which condoms are the best. The main principle of choice is that good condoms should be of high quality and convenient for a particular user.

The issue of quality is easier to assess than the issue of convenience, since all barrier contraceptives undergo mandatory certification and multi-stage testing before they go on sale. Condoms are evaluated visually, using special instruments and tests, selectively and massively checked for integrity, stretching, strength, elasticity. For quality analysis, even an artificial aging cycle is used, in which products are exposed to high temperatures and humidity in order to simulate their storage in natural conditions as much as possible.

One of the most important characteristics of condoms to consider when choosing them is the so-called good fit. If the size of the condom is not suitable for a man, it can cause serious discomfort to him and reduce the level of protection for both him and his partner. Too small a condom squeezes the penis, interfering with blood circulation and weakening the erection, and too large can slip off during intercourse.

In 2023, while latex condoms are still the most common, soft plastics such as nitrile, polyisoprene, and medical-grade polyurethane can also be found on the market. There are also condoms made from natural materials that reduce the risk of unwanted pregnancy, but do not completely protect against it, and are also powerless against viruses, including hepatitis and HIV.

How To Buy Condoms

Condoms come in sizes just like clothes. As a rule, they are marked with the corresponding letters S, M and L. Also, although less often, there are XL and XXL options. It should be borne in mind that, despite the same letter designations, the sizes of condoms from American, European and Asian manufacturers are slightly different. American brand condoms are usually slightly larger than European ones, while Asian brands offer sizes slightly smaller than European ones. For ease of orientation in the size grid, most major manufacturers additionally indicate the width (diameter) of the condom in millimeters. It is this value that allows you to best choose a well-fitting condom.

The average condom size scale is as follows:

  1. S – length 160 – 180 mm, diameter 44 – 50 (52) mm;
  2. M – length 170 – 190 mm, diameter 52 – 56 mm;
  3. L – length 190 – 220 mm, diameter 56 – 65 mm;

XXL (also referred to as Ultra Large) – longer than 190 mm, diameter from 65 mm.

Some brands have their own extended size ranges and up to 10 size options, taking into account different widths and lengths of condoms. This is especially convenient for men with non-standard anatomical parameters. For example, for a short but thick penis, it is often difficult to find a suitable condom among the standard range.

However, all detailed size scales are useless if a man does not know the exact dimensions of his own penis. It is very important to measure correctly. This should be done only in a state of full erection. The most convenient tool is a soft measuring tape. When measuring the diameter of the penis, you need to find its widest part. That is what you should be aiming for. If you divide the resulting number by two, then you will get the width of the penis in millimeters. This parameter is indicated by most of the world’s manufacturers on condom packages. However, it should be borne in mind that the width of the condom is indicated by the elastic band, which should be located at the very root of the penis. The product itself in the main part is wider and more elastic, therefore it makes sense to subtract up to 10 mm from the value obtained from the measurement in order to obtain the value of the conditional width of the ideal condom.

Where To Buy Female Condoms

The female condom, also known as the femidom, is another method of barrier contraception that is relatively little known today compared to condoms. However, due to the growing popularity of the feminist movement and the desire of a woman to independently control her reproductive function, without relying on a man. They are increasingly present in the range of pharmacies, sex shops and even supermarkets.

Technically, a female condom is practically the same as a male condom. It is a thin, soft, loose-fitting shell with rings on both sides at both ends. In this case, only one of the sides is closed. The inner ring at the closed end is used to facilitate insertion of the female condom into the vagina and hold it in place during intercourse. The outer ring, on the other hand, remains in the vagina and covers part of the external genitalia. Unlike male condoms, female condoms are usually one size.

The history of this invention is not new. It appeared in Denmark in the 1980s and was originally aimed at protecting women in developing countries from the consequences of male aggression, since in such cases men do not care about using a condom.

In the United States, female condoms were approved for release and use by the FDA in 1993. If it all sounds like the femdom is a full-fledged barrier contraception, then why is it so much less popular than classic condoms? Despite the fact that it is technically somewhat more difficult to use a female condom than a male condom, this is not at all the reason, but that the need for training in the use of this product implies the image of the female genitals in a section, which is impossible for a large-scale distribution and mass advertising campaign. At one time, it was this reason that became an obstacle to the growth in sales of tampons. In addition, people simply tend to prefer well-tested classic condoms.

You can buy female condoms today both in large local pharmacies and in the vast majority of online pharmacies. You can find them in sex shops, health care stores, medical equipment stores and other similar places. Most modern women prefer online shopping.

Buy Condoms Online

The most familiar way for most men, and their partners too, to purchase condoms is to buy them in a regular pharmacy close to home. The vast majority of Americans are satisfied with mid-market latex condoms, rarely focusing on finding any more custom option. To a large extent, this is due to the fact that the range of pharmacies located near the place of residence or work of the average American is rather narrow. Suppliers have no incentive to import goods that are not in mass demand. That is why the predominant size of condoms in ordinary pharmacies is M, and the owners of non-standard parameters are forced to be content with a maximum of one or two brands.

In light of this, it is logical to conclude that a much more rational way to buy condoms is to select the product in a large online pharmacy and place an order for delivery to your home or local post office. Since condoms are not drugs, in addition to online pharmacies, they are also sold in sex shops and health stores. Although such places often have a good selection of non-standard options (both in terms of materials of manufacture and sizes), one should be careful, because optimal storage conditions for condoms are not always provided.

Few men can immediately, exploring this or that site, understand which condom he will like in real life. However, online pharmacies provide a convenient opportunity to order many options at once in a small amount, say, three per pack, and thus get enough options to understand which of the purchased items you will use in the future on a more or less constant basis.

Buy Cheap Condoms Online

A good way to determine which type or brand of condom is right for you is to use the free samples available from pregnancy planning centers, some family planning clinics, local health departments, college and university health centers.

In 2023, the average cost of one classic condom is about a dollar, but depending on the brand, place of sale and type of packaging, the price may be slightly lower or higher. As a rule, it is more profitable to buy packages that contain 12 or more condoms.

The desire of people to save money on buying condoms is natural, since this is a product that is used on a regular basis. However, it is important to remember that the pursuit of too cheap products can turn into poor quality, and in such things as protection against unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, saving is stupid and pointless. However, you can try to save money on buying condoms by using online pharmacies and stores, where prices are usually lower than offline.

Best Place to Buy Condoms Cheap

One way for US residents to get cheap condoms online is to take advantage of the more than impressive range of international and foreign online pharmacies, which offer products from manufacturers who supply their products in such large volumes that the price for one condom can be less than half a dollar. Indian-made condoms are very popular, since all medical products of large Indian pharmaceutical companies, as well as companies that produce medical products, enjoy an excellent reputation all over the world. It is no exaggeration to say that the quality of Indian condoms has been verified by millions of users. US residents can buy in large international online pharmacies, as well as national Indian pharmacies that deliver goods to the United States.