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Court-based research: collaborating with the justice system to enhance STI services for vulnerable women in the US http://t.co/3vEaFQVO
The fractal queerness of non-heteronormative migrant #sexworkers in the UK by Nick Mae http://t.co/X7oGFeDI
‘only 31% of the sample of indirect sex workers reported having been engaged in commercial sex in the last 12 months’
Old but good. Violence and Exposure to HIV among #sexworkers in Phnom Penh http://t.co/rkrRGiBa
Someone is Wrong on the Internet: #sex workers’ access to accurate information http://t.co/aMSXhygd


First Pan-India Survey of Female Sex Workers: Release of preliminary findings on the eve of Labour Day

The first pan-India survey of female sex workers, sponsored by the Centre for Advocacy on Stigma and Marginalization, Sangli, was conducted by Rohini Sahni and V Kalyan Shakar of the Department of Economics at the University of Pune. This unique survey documents the lived realities of sex workers; delves into the complex details of their day-to-day interactions; the stigma and marginalisation they experience and attempts to understand the challenges they face as well as their responses. The survey pools a large national level sample of 3000 unorganised sex workers from 14 states. The women who participated in the survey are

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Five Steps Backward: How women become second-rate citizens of globalisation

If you are in the UK you can come and hear Laura Agustín, the author of Sex at the Margins and super-blogger, speak at the Institute of Development Studies in Sussex.  Whether the subject is migration, surrogate motherhood, international matchmaking, tourism and expatriatism or plain old commercial sex, women are consistently assigned the passive role. They cannot make their own decisions, men pursue them relentlessly for evil ends and their sexual bodies are innately vulnerable. A Rescue Industry from the enlightened middle class is required to save women from themselves everywhere. How did we get here after 50 years of women’s

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