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Court-based research: collaborating with the justice system to enhance STI services for vulnerable women in the US http://t.co/3vEaFQVO
The fractal queerness of non-heteronormative migrant #sexworkers in the UK by Nick Mae http://t.co/X7oGFeDI
‘only 31% of the sample of indirect sex workers reported having been engaged in commercial sex in the last 12 months’
Old but good. Violence and Exposure to HIV among #sexworkers in Phnom Penh http://t.co/rkrRGiBa
Someone is Wrong on the Internet: #sex workers’ access to accurate information http://t.co/aMSXhygd


Paulo Longo Research Initiative | New directions in sex work research

By Kate Holden Public Ledger: A prostitute, because like that paper, she is open to all parties. (eighteenth-century slang) In April 2010 the Mercury newspaper in Hobart contained a small but historic notice. In a brief paid advertisement a conservative group in Tasmania called the Family Protection Society expressed regret for having published ads proclaiming that sex work was damaging to families and harmful to women. Scarlet Alliance, the peak body representing Australia sex workers, had taken the comment to the Anti-Discrimination Commission on the grounds that the society’s attitude was discriminatory against sex workers. Although Scarlet Alliance had received

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Images and Photos

Often a picture is worth a thousand words. Images of the sex industry can illuminate the lives of those who work within it. However, sometimes photographic images can be used as a tool to inspire fear, encourage stigma and discrimination and shame people who sell sex. We will collect images, by our partners and by other artists and academics that we admire, to help provide alternate framings of the sex industry. José Miguel Nieto Olivar Ethnographic drawings: some insights on “prostitution, bodies and sexual rights” by José Miguel Nieto Olivar (below). More information on this work can be found in the

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PLRI on the Internet

The Paulo Longo Research Initiative blog provides easily accessible snippets of sex work news from colleagues and the media. Visit the blog and sign up for alerts.  The current theme on the blog is Human Rights and Law. http://plri.wordpress.com/posts. We are also on Twitter. Please become a follower to keep an eye on news, resources and studies about issues that affect sex workers http://twitter.com/PLRI.

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